Press Releases

Uechi Ryu “Gets The Job Done”

As one Uechi Ryu black belt put it recently: “I like Uechi Ryu Karate because it really gets the job done. As I walk down the street, I feel confident that I can defend my family and myself. At work it is easier to help my coworkers to calmly handle the petty attacks of our competition and achieve success.”
Here at the Uechi Ryu Karate Academy we do not limit our training to techniques that are only useful in tournament situations. Our students do well in tournaments because we are devoted to training them in a broad-minded fashion that allows them to perform better under stress. They learn that Uechi Ryu is an effective system of training for self-defense because Tenth Degree Black Belt Masters on the island of Okinawa have taught so many principles in this style in order to make it useful in the whole life of the student.
The core of the system that we teach is called Sanchin Training. Most styles of martial arts do not include Sanchin training. With authentic Sanchin Training, we train the student to be aware that the harmony of their Mind, Body and Spirit is important. Some of the benefits include the focus and concentration of the Mind, the strength and fitness of the body and the strength of the spirit that helps the student accomplish difficult tasks. The student learns not to get pushed around easily, either in mind, body or spirit.

K.W.C. Pennsylvania Open Karate Tournament Results

The Uechi Ryu Karate Academy would like to announce the recent success of their students at K.W.C. Pennsylvania Open Karate Tournament on held on August 29 at Norristown High School. Megan Lieff took first place in kata. Mason Royer took 3rd place in weapons kata. Nathanael Marrone placed 4th in kata. Timothy Reppert took 3rd place in fighting. Frank Reppert took 4th in fighting and 5th place in kata.
According to their instructor Mr. Stephen Drehobl, Sr. of Collegeville: “I am so proud of each of them. They came to this tournament, where most of the competitors and judges study a different martial arts style, and even with their limited experience at tournament competitions, they kept their cool throughout a hectic day and came home with an impressive collection of trophies and medals, as well as a broader respect and understanding for martial artists from other schools and styles."

Baltimore Workout August 14 Was GRRRREAT!

Our delegation to the Baltimore Regional Uechi Ryu included Stephen Drehobl Jr., Mason Royer, Maggy Burnick, and Stephen Drehobl Sr. The workout session was hosted by Mr. Sheldon Dunn, 6th Degree. It was wonderful to be in class with so many high-ranking Uechi Ryu Black belts. Sensei Dunn led the standard Uechi Ryu warm-ups and technique exercises, which was followed by Sanchin kata as a group. Students demonstrated their Sanchin individually in front of their choice of any of the six sensei that were there. After Sanchin, the class broke up into smaller groups. To one group Higa Tsukasa gave a wonderful talk on the Okinawan history of Uechi Ryu, followed by a seminar on stretching. The other group received a real treat with World Champion Sensei Nestor Folta demonstrating and giving tips on presentation of the kata Seichin. Then Sensei Bill Glasheen showed ways to train the side knife-edge kick to injure and bring down an opponent using reflex points in the hips.

Building Mind, Body and Spirit